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Our barbecue briquettes are powerful little bundles of energy; they burn for a record time so that you can focus on socialising at your barbecue. Once they’re lit, you virtually don’t have to do anything else, leaving you free to focus on your guests. You can learn more about our briquettes’ special properties and outstanding level of quality here. 

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Our Dauerbrenner barbecue briquettes are pressed from ultrapure carbon concentrate. Due to their particularly high density, Dauerbrenner barbecue briquettes burn twice as long as conventional wood charcoal does. At the same time, they burn cleanly and evenly, and are easy to measure out. While they’re burning, you can enjoy time with your friends and family – or get the party started with a tasty cocktail.


Standard charcoal barely gives off heat after burning for an hour, meaning you constantly have to refill or relight the grill. Barbecue briquettes burn for far longer. That gives you much more time to chat or enjoy a beer.


Since barbecue briquettes burn for so long at a constant level of heat, they are excellent for grilling food that cooks slowly (indirect grilling method).


There are Dauerbrenner briquettes available for every occasion in 3 kg, 7 kg and 12 kg packages. 

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And they’re
made in Germany.

Our Dauerbrenner barbecue briquettes are 100% natural and made entirely in Germany. As such, they are truly ‘made in Germany’. You can rest assured that they aren’t made from tropical or waste wood; instead, they’re made from ultrapure carbon concentrate. Our production process is TÜV-certified (‘Safety tested. Production monitored’), meaning that it upholds national and international standards, and the production facilities have been reviewed. This product has also been granted a DIN certification mark that confirms compliance with DIN standards and the requirements specified in certification programmes.

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Direct or indirect? Kettle grill, classic grill or Dutch oven? With or without a cover? Here you can find the key information about the various grilling methods at a glance. 

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Convenient, fast, inexpensive – order Dauerbrenner barbecue briquettes online now, or purchase them in person from your local retailer.

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