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More time:
thanks to Dauerbrenner briquettes.

Burns for four hours
Constantly high heat
Ultrapure carbon concentrate
Ideal for closed systems
Takes 30 minutes to light
Burns twice as long as conventional wood charcoal

More fun: thanks to Dauerbrenner briquettes.

Are you more interested in spending time with your friends and family than on constantly replacing charcoal on your grill? We’re giving you the gift of four extra hours with your loved ones – that’s how long Dauerbrenner barbecue briquettes burn. That’s twice as long as conventional wood charcoal, and you don’t have to keep replenishing it, either. 

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Greater perfection:
thanks to Dauerbrenner briquettes.

Should you start with the barbecue briquettes or with the lighter? What is a chimney starter? And which grilling method is best? You can find practical tips on enjoying the perfect grilling experience here. 

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